The rape in the periphery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: students’ social representations and teachers’ praxis


  • Luciano Luz Gonzaga Municipal Department of Education of the Municipality of Belford Roxo
  • Denuse Lannes Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Estupro, Representações Sociais, Feminicídio, Periferia


Official data say that young residents of periphery are disproportionately affected by violence and that young black youth have 2.5 more chances of being killed when compared to a young white youth. Thus, this paper focuses on a research that aimed to identify social representations about urban violence between non-white students living in areas dominated by paramilitary forces. The structural approach of the representations proposed by Abric. The data were collected by means of a Free Word Association Test and processed using the EVOC software. The results showed that rape is the main offense with strong association to robbery and feminicide of black women.